We are a global commodity trading firm.

Working together to create a network of sustainable and efficient trading practices.


Our Core Values

“The core strength of the business lies in the adroitness and experience of the team.”

Rektron PLC


Sustainable growth through sustainable trading practices.


Extensive geographical reach and product diversification.


A clear business model, with no speculation.


Continuous discussions with financial institutions.

Our Company In Numbers

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Our Mission

To constantly strive for improvements and greater efficiencies in the global commodities supply chain.

Rektron has strategic long-term contracts, operations and relationships in well planned geographical locations for current and future growth considerations.

The group consists of industry experts with extensive knowledge, trading and logistical expertise supported by robust financial and risk management.

Physical commodity traders with a large network of clients adding value whilst maintaining long standing relations.

Group Companies

Rektron is focused on sustainable growth and growth by acquisition.

Rektron Group Inc., a Canadian firm, supports the group’s global trading operations.

With operations spanning over 30 trading locations and presence in 10 countries, the company transacts across all compliant markets.

The company is organised into two business divisions including metals and energy. The company is particularly strong in Asia and Europe.

The trading expertise includes principal energy and metals products, particularly ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ETCs, recycled metals, crude and EURO VI compliant refined oil products. The company transacts across all compliant markets.