The Energy Transition and Net Zero Climate Action Economies



Rektron is committed to enhancing their business and increasing investment in Biofuels as part of its commitment to sustainability and the energy transition.
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ETC Metals

ETC Metals

Cobalt and nickel are high in demand in part due to the growing demand for lithium ion battery as part of the global net zero climate action.
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We have a strong focus on copper and steel recycling as part of our enhancement to sustainability economic opportunities.
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Sustainable Future

Rektron is focused on increasing the amount of Energy Transition Commodities (“ETC’s”) that it trades in.

ETC Strategy

Rektron is committed to enhancing their ETC as part of its commitment to sustainability and the global energy transition economy.


As part of the growth strategy, the issuer has identified two key KPI’s that will track its transition to becoming a more sustainable business.

ETC BioFuel

As part of our energy transition commitment and program to reduce GHG, we are investing in BioFuels.

It is our mission to help the global supply chain economy reach net zero by enhancing the use of biofuels in commercial shipping of goods.

Biofuels are a promising option to reducing greenhouse gas emissions because the carbon dioxide (CO2) they emit is recycled through the atmosphere.

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ETC Metals

Rektron focus on the EV market.

Continually improving battery technology, increased mileage, net zero government policies and regulations, and rising gas prices are major growth factors driving the EV battery market.

Industry Innovation and Science Australia (IISA) expects a nickel deficit after 2022 due to EV battery consumption and strong cyclical growth since the 13-year price-low in 2016.

Cobalt demand is expected to continue rising rapidly as the EV transition gains pace. Demand is forecast to approach 320 kt in the next 5 years from 175 kt in 2021; 70% of growth will come from the EV sector.

Steel Scrap, Stainless steel scrap, Copper scrap and Aluminium scrap

The Recyclable business lines involves trading in Steel Scrap, Stainless steel scrap, Copper scrap and Aluminium scrap with plans to expand this division aggressively in coming years.

ETC Recycling

Empowering the Recycled Metals Economy

We are strongly focusing on growing both organically and through acquisitions our recycled metals sector.


Stainless Steel