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We primarily invest in operating enterprises in the commodities sector. The issuer’s group’s trading expertise includes principal energy and metals products. In particular, the primary products traded are ferrous and nonferrous metals, crude oil, and refined oil products. We are committed to operating in an ethical and responsible manner by connecting markets. Bringing together buyers and sellers while promoting fair and efficient trade

Rektron Group Inc.


Suite 406, 5307 Victoria Drive

Vancouver, British Columbia V5P 3V6


Rektron Group Inc.

Operations HQ UK:

120 New Cavendish Street

London  W1W 6XX UK

+44 2038550670

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Rektron Group Inc. shareholders are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year. Only in particularly important occurrences for matters that cannot wait until the next AGM are decided at Extraordinary General Meetings.

We encourage the use of electronic communications, in line with the practise of many leading companies, we do not print and distribute a half-year report. The half year results are available and emailed to our subscribers. If you do not wish to subscribe but require the information please email

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Yes, RGI has appointed Research Capital Corporation. 1075 West Georgia Street, Suite 1920, Vancouver BC, V6E 3C9. Contact number 604.662.1800

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Our prospectus was approved by the British Columbia Securities Commission